You want to be able to communicate with animals, but you’re not sure how? In this class, you will learn what telepathic communication is and the many forms it can take. And you will take part in stress-free exercises with both humans and animals that will reconnect you with your natural telepathic abilities and help build your confidence.Classes meet from 10 am to 5 pm on either a Saturday or a Sunday, and include a one-hour lunch break.

Advance registration is required.  The current class schedule is available here.

Classes can also be scheduled elsewhere in the Midwest. Contact me for information on hosting a class.  Hosts receive a discount (minimum 50 percent off).

I am seeing an increase in the number of online classes and tele-classes for Animal Communication. I have taught writing classes online for years, and I have taken tele-classes, but I cannot recommend either of those approaches for learning Animal Communication.

Nothing substitutes for learning in a physically present group of animal lovers, supporting and nourishing each other’s efforts, helping each other to overcome fear or resistance.

Class fee:

Inside Illinois: $140.  Price reduced to $125 if paid in full one week in advance.

Outside Illinois: price may be higher.  Contact me for details.


Intermediate and Advanced Classes Coming Soon!

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