Cheryl, Kirkland, IL

My Welsh pony, Noble, was not only fearful of men and refused to be handled by them, he was also difficult to load into a trailer. To make matters worse, we were continually getting kicked out of boarding barns because he would break through the fences in the middle of the night and be running willy-nilly in the road with his herd buddies. I wanted him to understand that we would run out of places for him to stay if he kept getting kicked out. I was also worried that he would not load onto the trailer because this had always been difficult, and this time, it was going to be a man who was trailering him. A couple days after Pam spoke with Noble, it was time to trailer him. He not only allowed this man to handle him, but he also jumped into the trailer with no hesitation. It has been over 2 years since that date, and Noble hasn’t broken down one fence.

On another occasion, I asked Pam to speak with my dog, Sammy, when I was about to take a 10-day vacation. Sammy had always had separation anxiety and I was never able to take a long vacation. At 10 years old, he had never been away from me for more than 2-3 days, and even during that short time I would leave him with my Uncle, who he was familiar with. Even so, he would refuse to eat his food, would frantically pace around the house looking for me, and would lose control of his bowels while I was gone. I was really concerned about the amount of time I was going to be away from him this time, and my Uncle was unavailable to dog-sit during my vacation, so I would have to use a dog sitter that he didn’t know. When Pam spoke with Sam, she explained to him how many days I’d be gone, where he was going, etc. When I took Sammy to the dog sitter, he acted as though he had been there many times before. He laid on the floor and relaxed. When I left, he didn’t get excited, he just watched me drive away from the window. The dog sitter reported that as soon as I was gone, he immediately went back to laying down. I called the dog sitter several times while I was on vacation and she reassured me that he was doing just fine, and eating his food too! When I got home and went to pick Sammy up, he was laying on the porch of the dog sitter’s house. Ordinarily, he would jump up and clobber me, but this time he just wagged his tail and remained calm. He acted as though HE was on vacation! I was amazed at the drastic change in his behavior and the lasting effect of Pam’s work. Sammy hasn’t had separation anxiety ever since Pam talked with him.