Marilyn, Madison, WI

At 9AM, Quinn began a low, soft “woof” that continued the first few minutes, when I believe, you were contacting him—several times I noticed he “stretched out” his little body as if he were receiving a massage along with a “message” and definitely he was relaxed. At the very time of 9:30AM—I noticed—very definitely, Quinn seemed to smile at me and wag his tail profoundly while not getting all excited and out of control. He seemed to be smiling at me and saying, “It’s over Mom” and I liked it and I know better now! This was amazing for me to experience. Our big question—do you work w/people!!!

The first Sunday of every month, we have guests in our home—male and female. Quinn has always been fine with the females; however, he has always been aggressing with the males who visit. This Sunday, last night, was exceptionally different and our guests commented on Quinn’s improved behavior. We shared your work and your comments with them. I definitely noticed Quinn liked my sharing your comments, as it was done with the pure intention to help other “critters” if they need help—he just got very, very loving when I brought out the printed e-mail! As if he felt my doubt (about Quinn’s privacy) and actually encouraged me to share his new found behaviors and comfort which he had received from your work!

We truly have had success and are so grateful for Quinn’s improved experiences w/us. He is definitely more relaxed and even seems happier.