Mia Schillace Nelson, Minneapolis

My horse Chet’s mission in life seems to be to be my teacher. He is extremely sensitive and extremely smart, a classic “Prince and the Pea” if you will…He’s been adjusted, massaged, and manipulated more ways than I care to think about. He is also extremely vocal and intolerant of anything that does not feel “right”. After being forced to submit to adjustments and massages that he clearly did not feel were right on over the years, I had Pam Sourelis perform a neuro- muscular session with him, in person (before she offered it at distance).

The first session he was extremely wary and resistant, suspicious of the work to be done. Pam came back the next day and, having had the chance to think it over, Chet’s attitude was completely overhauled. He stood like a statue, paid attention to everything she was doing, and towards the end of the session performed the most amazing stretch and release through his back that was truly awe- inspiring! Remember that, Pam?!

Pam now does this work from a distance, and once we got through the initial sessions (and this is the great part) he hardly needs work anymore. Just occasional maintenance sessions.

This work is so gentle, so non-invasive. You can see how the body is able to integrate it on its own, without any forced movements of any kind. It’s the only way I’ll have Chet, or any other animal of mine, worked on.

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