A Gift of Reiki for Peacemakers

Greetings, everyone.
Peace is a state of being that cannot exist without each of us contributing to its creation. And so from now until the end of September (2017) I would like to share a distance Reiki session with each and every one of you who is taking an action–any action, no matter how small–to create peace.
To request a session, contact me HERE. If you like, you can share the action for peace that you have taken, but you do not have to. I will contact you to schedule your session. There is no charge.
On the day of your Reiki session, you do not have to go anywhere. At the scheduled time, you will just lie down in a comfortable, quiet place, a place free from interruption. The session will last from 20-30 minutes.
In a Reiki session, nothing is put into you or taken out of you or manipulated in any way. You will be completely safe. You will feel the stress lift from your body, from your heart. You will feel balance. You will feel peace.
When you feel balance and peace, you can help to create balance and peace.
If you have questions or would like to share your actions for peace, I invite you to use the comment section of this post.
Thank you for being a peacemaker.
You can learn more about Reiki HERE.

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