Equine Nutritional Supplements

I used Vita Royal equine nutritional supplements for years before becoming a distributor, which I became because I am convinced these are the finest equine supplements on the market.

Vita Royal is owned by environmental biochemist Linsey McLean. Her website, VitaRoyalProducts.com contains a wealth of information on the effects of environmental toxins on both the equine and human body. Her products—which are human or pharmaceutical grade and contain no fillers of any kind—are designed to correct the adverse effects of our increasingly toxic environment.

I have experienced and witnessed amazing results from these products. Bloated horses lose their bloat and become sleek and muscular; “contracted tendons” (which are really contracted muscles) relax; inflammation of all kinds, including arthritis and founder, is reduced or eliminated; chronic diarrhea is cured; acid gut is eliminated . . . I could go on. Rebalancing the body’s chemistry is key, and this is what the VitaRoyal products accomplish.

Please visit the Vita Royal website. If you would like more information, please contact me for a free consultation. If you would like to order, please contact me to receive your discount.

Note that I sell the products at a 10 percent discount.

Below is a brief explanation of the VitaRoyal philosophy, taken from the Website:

Equine Nutrition Reference and Research

For Almost 30 Years, our field and laboratory research has made us the leader in manufacturing pure, all natural vitamin and mineral supplements for today’s horses. Our supplements have never contained any fillers, binders, or extenders of any kind. In fact, we have always used the same USP ingredients found in the highest quality human supplements, for our equine / horse supplements as well. In 1977, we were “a first”, as the horse feed industry was the only animal industry which diluted actual vitamin & mineral ingredients with inexpensive feed ingredients, such as wheat middlings, bran, and alfalfa meal. The horse feed and supplement industry has continued to maintain the same “less than productive” philosophy, which is inadequate for most performance horses and especially destructive to sick horses. We have been entirely dedicated to manufacturing products that far exceed the industry standard definition of quality. In near 30 years, regardless of the economic climate of America, Vita Royal has never substituted a lesser quality ingredient, in any of our products, to save a buck. That is how much we care about your results.

Superior Performance Horse Products

Vita Royal’s tradition of quality continues with an extensive line of equine health products and programs that have gained national recognition for their success in getting the most out of your performance horse, and controlling a wide range of health conditions. Ongoing research insures that products, as well our web content, are constantly updated to address environmental changes that affect all living things.


Questions about the Vita Royal approach? Contact me for a free half-hour consultation.