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In the summer of 1994, I awakened from a sound sleep, sat up in bed, and said “Pegasus.”

At that moment, my journey into the world of horses and of healing began.

Three years after this late-night visit, I met the horse who had awakened me and called me to this work, work that I had never imagined doing. I was, and still am, a writer and writing teacher. Reiki? What was that? Talking with animals? Is that something you can really do?

After years of training with humans and learning further from the animals,

I use three approaches in my healing work:

Animal Communication for increased understanding

Reiki for relief and balance (for humans as well as non-human animals)

Neuromuscular Retraining for efficient, comfortable movement

On this site, you can find brief (and, I hope, clear) explanations of each of these approaches.

You might want to begin with the “Is This You?” section on the menu bar.

I’ve included a number of testimonials, in case you’re interested in hearing about other people’s experiences with my work. I’ve also included published articles (over 60) and blog posts. (I’m working on writing more of those.)

I love this work and feel so very fortunate when I’m invited to assist humans and their animal loves.

Please feel free to Contact Me with any questions you have about my approach or to discuss an issue you or one of your animals is experiencing.


Be well,

Pam Sourelis


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