Animal Communication Classes

Animal Communication Classes

I offer a program with three levels of classes.

Each level invites you to further refine and deepen your ability

to communicate with beings of other species.





Listening with Your Heart:

An Introduction to Animal Communication

You want to be able to communicate with animals, but you’re not sure how? In this class, you will learn what telepathic communication is and the many forms it can take. And you will take part in stress-free exercises with both humans and animals that will reconnect you with your natural telepathic abilities and help build your confidence.


The next class meets two Saturdays, April 6 & 13, 2024

Full details HERE.




How learning to Speak with Animals Enriched a College Professor’s Life

and can enrich yours!




Listening with Your Heart: Level II


A three-month guided experience

that takes you to a deeper level of hearing the animals.

If you have completed the introductory class,

and would like to continue, you can learn more HERE.


The next class will be offered in summer of 2024.




Listening with Your Heart: Level III

Coming in 2024



My animal teachers and I are in the process of creating this class.

I’ve created the page for it, so I could to give you a sense of what we will be exploring.

I will be adding to this page as the class develops.

You can take a look HERE.



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