Animal Communication Talks

Animal Communication Talks

Curious about Animal Communication?


I can talk to your group (small or large) in a live, interactive Zoom format.

The talk is 75 minutes long (longer if there are a lot of questions). I explain what animal communication is and the various ways communicators work.

Then I open the floor up to you for your questions, which I will answer with stories from my experiences speaking with animals.


I don’t charge for these talks, but some groups like to charge participants a small fee they donate to a not-for-profit of the group’s choice. It’s entirely up to you.


I also do these talks for shelters and sanctuaries to raise both awareness and funds.


At the end of each talk, I  draw a name for a free Animal Communication session.


If you’d like to schedule a talk, Contact me and we’ll find a date.


My talks are live and interactive, not webinars!

You will be able to ask questions and share stories.


Contact Me for more information.








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