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Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen


True benevolence, or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation.

–  Joseph Addison


I’ve joined a wonderful group of people who for the next year are going to be discussing, and working through, Karen Armstrong’s book Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life. Armstrong is a religious historian who argues that, while all of the world’s religions share one central tenet—Treat others as you would like others to treat you—we humans are in great need of learning how to actually do that.

In our first meeting, we learned that before we can embark on this journey of learning the art of compassion, we need to learn to listen to each other, to truly listen. And so our first exercise was to get into pairs and share a story of a time when we needed to be heard but were not or a time when someone else needed to be heard and we did not listen.

These were our group leader’s beautiful directions for how to listen:

You are the well.

Imagine yourself to be a receptive, dark, silent, cool place

deep in the ground.

Someone speaks, and their words float down softly

into the dark, receptive quality of your heart.

Ah, this was familiar to me, listening with the heart. It is how I listen to the animals because, after all, how else can one hear them?

But I acknowledged to myself fairly quickly that this is not how I most often listen to humans. I tend, instead, to listen with my head. This is not to say that I have no feelings for the pain of others because I do, sometimes to excess. But listening with my heart is not something I routinely do.

As my partner told her story, a painful story that brought her to tears, the image of myself as a well, her words floating down into its receptive depths, gave me a powerful sense of grounding, of quiet strength. I felt no need to assure her that all was well, to fill the space carved out by her pain with my idle words. My job was to listen, to recognize and acknowledge her. Listening with my whole being, with my heart, created a peaceful, strong presence that she could lean into.

Many in the group, including my partner, admitted to having difficulty with this exercise, admitted to having rushed in to offer advice to their partners or to share a similar experience of their own.

The facilitator, who is a friend, later thanked me for “actually listening to the instructions.” She said this with a smile, somewhat incredulous that so many others had seemingly not heard them. I think, though, that they did hear them but that the instructions were so alien to their normal way of being that the participants quickly forgot them, brushed them aside in their rush to assist.

When prospective students inquire about my animal communication classes, I send them a letter, which includes an explanation of the value of strengthening our telepathic ability (an ability I believe we are all born with):

Hearing an animal requires that you go to a place of stillness inside of yourself and listen with your heart. It requires that you lay aside preconceived notions and biases. It requires respect and compassion. These skills will not only allow you to hear the animals, they will enrich many other areas of your life.


I have been teaching and living this for many years. How blessed I am to now have the opportunity to take my understanding to a much deeper level, to practice making heart-centered listening a guiding principle in my daily interaction with two-legged creatures.

What do you think of the well exercise? Can you listen, truly listen to someone who annoys you, who angers you, who you envy or feel judgmental about? What have animals taught you about listening?


If you have received this post via email, just click on the title to respond. I hope you will be moved to share your thoughts.





One day last week, I had a brief but powerful fantasy. I was living in a small log house deep in the woods a few miles from town. I sensed a strong community, a shared sense of responsibility for the welfare of all beings, two-legged and four-legged. The elderly country veterinarian valued my work, considered me a colleague, and was known to tell his clients, “I’ve done all I can do; it’s time to call Pam.” This fleeting, delicious image seemed to emerge from a long-ago era, a hundred years ago, I thought.

When the image lifted, reality set in. A hundred years ago, people were dying of all manner of illnesses we now have cures for. Women in this country had next to no rights; people of color in this country had no rights at all. Humans used the Earth’s natural resources just as we do today: as though they belonged to us, as though they were limitless.   More




My Nikos loved Pasha. Both bay Thoroughbreds, tall, athletic, strong, they made a striking pair.

Sue’s barn was horse heaven. The horses lived outside 24/7, no confinement in cages, and they could hang out in the indoor arena when they wanted to. Sue told me that many mornings when she came down to feed, Nikos and Pasha would be sleeping together in the arena, leaned against each other like an old married couple.

A friend, Julie, was staying at Sue’s one weekend, caring for the horses while Sue and her husband were out of town. One morning, Julie picked up the phone to make a call and heard heavy breathing on the other end. Startled, she hung up. Then she walked into another room and picked up another phone. Heavy breathing. Panicked, she left the house and headed down to the barn to see if the horses were OK. This made no sense, of course, but for some reason she had convinced herself that the heavy breather on the other end of the line

was either in the house or on the property.

She headed into the arena. The phone receiver had been knocked off its wall base and was lying on the ground, and several of the horses, Nikos among them, had their noses pressed to it—heavy breathing.

I’m sure Pasha had nothing to do with this silliness. She was probably on the far side of the arena with the other mares, rolling her eyes.



Statement of Disclosure of Services

Statement of Disclosure of Services

In compliance with the Illinois Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Practice Act of 2004, the following information must be provided to you: I, Pamela Sourelis, am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery.

For details on the services Pamela Sourelis offers, please view the following pages of this Web site:

What is Reiki?

What is Animal Communication?

What is Neuromuscular Retraining?





Neuromuscular Retraining

Pam’s work has helped my horse tremendously! Since she began her “magic” a few months ago, my horse has a whole new attitude when it’s time to ride. He has learned a completely new way to use his body and is now able to perform many lateral and bending maneuvers he was previously unable to do. Pam has helped him learn to travel in a totally new way, and has helped him become more sound in the process. He is no longer back sore or girthy and enjoys his workouts more. It feels like I’m riding a different horse!

Amanda, Bartlett, IL


Having started riding in middle age, I am a cautious rider. When I bought a 10-year-old Appaloosa gelding, my confidence level wasn’t boosted by the fact that he had a constant tripping problem. The vet felt it could have been the result of a long-ago injury, but everything looked OK, so he couldn’t determine a cause for the tripping. Then along came Pam. After watching him walk and noting the site of the old injury, she thought that Jesse had probably taught himself to distribute his weight unevenly to avoid pain when the injury was new and had continued to move this way even when the injury was healed. In just two sessions, Jesse was a new horse. He rarely trips now, and as a result both my riding ability and my confidence have soared.

Karen, Bartlett, IL


My two young Siberian Huskies often play pretty rough with each other, tearing around the yard, slamming into trees and tackling each other by the back legs. After a particularly aggressive day of play, I called Pam for a session because I was worried my dogs might tighten up or favor a side they may have stressed during their play. I also wanted to be sure that my dogs maintained, and even improved, their ease of movement.

Pam was gentle and patient with each of them even though they fidgeted a lot at the beginning of their sessions. It was impressive to see how Pam earned their trust by sensitively touching and urging their bodies to further loosen and let go of any unseen stiffness. After Pam left, my dogs were so calm, and when they eventually resumed their play, they moved with far more agility and ease.

Janet, Highwood, IL


My appendix gelding, Banks, and I love to trail ride. As a 13-year-old former school horse, he has his share of aches and pains, including navicular and arthritis. When I notice he is sensitive to the brush, or wary of the girth, I contact Pam Sourelis for a session. As Banks licks and chews, Pam helps him rediscover his balance and works to release any tension he is holding in his muscles. The results are immediate and dramatic. If it were not for Pam’s work, Banks’ quality of life would be very much diminished.

Dian, Barrington Hills, IL


I own a TB jumper, and I constantly worry about injuries and muscle soreness. Pam’s sessions have helped to keep my horse in top condition and have dramatically increased his flexibility and his ability to use his shoulder and hind. In addition, my horse was kicked in the knee one day and came up very, very lame. In desperation, I asked Pam to do a distance healing on him that night. The next day, he was better; the swelling was gone and there was no sign of lameness. It was miraculous. I am grateful to Pam for the work she does on my horse and for the peace of mind she gives me as a horse owner.

Liz, Libertyville, IL


I first contacted Pam about my mare, Holly in March 2007 after months of reading her article in From The Horses Mouth. I contacted her mostly for the animal communication work she does, but found the wonders of her work with neuro-muscular retraining and Reiki!!! I was new to horses and was at my wits end as to what to do with my mare. Holly’s disposition was not the greatest, but from time to time, she showed me a glimpse of a different horse I knew was there. She had great ground manners but under saddle was a completely different situation. At the walk, we did okay, but as soon as I asked for a trot, she bucked.

So, I took the plunge and contacted Pam. I was nervous mostly because animal communication, Reiki and neuro-muscular retraining we all so very foreign to me but also because this would all be done across distance. I was skeptical myself, but figured I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. But still, I told absolutely no one what I was doing…not even my husband. I knew if I had, I’d be talked out of doing it, and I just needed to try.

Pam’s first session with Holly was on March 8, 2007. Pam was immediately drawn to Holly’s left side and heard “a rib is out.” Pam worked with Holly’s body for quite awhile with both the neuro-muscular retraining and Reiki. Holly spoke kindly of me (I’d always felt she just tolerated me) and said things that were accurate in terms of my feelings of insecurity, etc. After the first session, I could see a difference in Holly. Part of me thought it was because I wanted to see a change, but my husband, who didn’t know about the session, was noticing subtle changes in Holly’s disposition and she was more willing to do things we asked of her.

Pam worked with Holly once a week for three consecutive weeks. After each session and during the weeks that followed, my husband would call me at work (Pam worked with Holly during the day while I was at work) and say, “you’ll never guess what Holly did.” He is a non-horsey husband, so for him to notice the changes in her attitude was huge; it wasn’t just me! The day of Holly’s third session, he called me to tell me how she had come over to him and how sweet she was, etc. I knew that was my opportunity to tell him about Pam’s work with her. That evening, still a little nervous, I showed him the notes of each session and explained what Pam had been doing with Holly. He didn’t understand it at all, but couldn’t argue with the results. I had a completely different horse!

On April 16, 2007 – the first time in 7 months – I was able to ride Holly! She was a willing partner; we trotted and worked a bit – all without attitude or bucks. I continue to have Pam work with my horses a couple times a year so that we never get to a place where they are in that kind of pain or discomfort. Now, if I feel they need some work, I do not hesitate to tell my husband that Pam will be working with them, and he doesn’t argue; he knows it keeps them (and me) happy!

I thank you and my horses thank you!!!

Nancy, Mazon, IL


[Note from Pam: All of the work described below was done from a distance.]

I found my way to Pam out of sheer desperation. My four-year-old Morgan gelding, Ollie, had always been a bit of a mystery to me, and felt beyond my reach. His training had a series of fits and starts for a variety of reasons, and the only time someone had actually mounted him was a disaster, filled with rearing and panic. His new trainer (in whom I had great faith) had just sat me down to tell me that she was concerned Ollie would not turn out to be an appropriate horse for me due to his strong fear reflex, and that I should consider whether I wanted to invest more in his training. Although I was saddened, none of this surprised me, as she wasn’t the first to suggest this thought. But I was not ready to give up on Ollie yet.

My “Google-ing” led me to Pam’s site, and I thought: “Why not?” When Pam indicated in our first conversation that Ollie’s problems sounded physical, I told her I was sure she was wrong – she should see him move out in the field! He looked like every other Morgans I had ever seen, and he was fine, thank you very much. I was sure the problem was in his head.

How wrong I was! Pam worked for a long time with Ollie that first session, using both the neuro-muscular retraining and Reiki. Her summary note indicated that Ollie projected a strong, physical imbalance, and needed substantial work to loosen him up, his back end in particular. When she asked him what was going on, he indicated that he was terribly sorry for everything, but was so very uncomfortable that he simply couldn’t help himself. She told me she was sure he would now feel much better.

What an understatement! When I next saw Ollie, he was excited to tell me (and anyone who would listen) just how much better he felt! A gregarious fellow, he kept flapping his lips (a sure sign that he’s happy) and nuzzling me – over-the-top affection, even for him. He had to stop at every stall to flap his lips to tell all of his friends. He was – I swear – a different shape: his whole back end looked different, like it had sort of shifted, somehow. And for the first time ever, the skin over his back end moved when I brushed him – I never realized how tight of a muscle mass had been back there!

But the real kicker was when I put him back in his stall, and he planted himself as if to say: “Watch this, Mom!” and he lifted a hind leg, looked back and scratched his nose with it, replanted himself and looked at me as if to say: “Did you know you can do that?!” It was like he wanted to show me that he could now move, and just how amazing it was.

Amazing, indeed. Pam did a series of three sessions with Ollie, and he’s had a couple of tune-ups/check-ins since. The results have been simply amazing – just ask his trainer! Training has progressed, and he has made slow, but steady and consistent progress. He simply LOVES his new work. He is happy, eager to please, and just so funny and personable. He has come to trust, and he is grateful. So am I.

This had been a horse that I simply felt was beyond my reach. I just couldn’t “get” him – couldn’t connect. I have always made strong, lasting connections with animals, but — try as I might — I couldn’t reach Ollie, and I simply didn’t know why.

Now I do. Ollie had been behind a veil of discomfort and pain that I didn’t see. Pam lifted that veil, and let a beautiful soul shine through. Thank you so much, Pam.

Judy, Minneapolis, MN


My horse Chet’s mission in life seems to be to be my teacher. He is extremely sensitive and extremely smart, a classic “Prince and the Pea” if you will…He’s been adjusted, massaged, and manipulated more ways than I care to think about. He is also extremely vocal and intolerant of anything that does not feel “right”. After being forced to submit to adjustments and massages that he clearly did not feel were right on over the years, I had Pam Sourelis perform a neuro- muscular session with him, in person (before she offered it at distance).

The first session he was extremely wary and resistant, suspicious of the work to be done. Pam came back the next day and, having had the chance to think it over, Chet’s attitude was completely overhauled. He stood like a statue, paid attention to everything she was doing, and towards the end of the session performed the most amazing stretch and release through his back that was truly awe- inspiring! Remember that, Pam?!

Pam now does this work from a distance, and once we got through the initial sessions (and this is the great part) he hardly needs work anymore. Just occasional maintenance sessions.

This work is so gentle, so non-invasive. You can see how the body is able to integrate it on its own, without any forced movements of any kind. It’s the only way I’ll have Chet, or any other animal of mine, worked on.

Mia Schillace Nelson, Minneapolis


Pam Sourelis’ work definitely helped Tina, my German Shepherd, improve her stride as well as her sense of well-being and comfort. As a result of an accident, the radial nerve is Tina’s left front leg was damaged, causing her to drag her toes when she walked. After one session, she was running like she hadn’t run since before the accident. The improvement is still apparent months after her sessions with Pam. I highly recommend Pam’s work.

Pam Craig, DVM, Grayslake, IL


Human Reiki Stories

Human Reiki Stories

Dian had slipped on a patch of ice on her back stairs and taken a bad fall. She’d landed flat on her back across two stairs-one just above the small of her back, one across her upper back. She had been in pain and unable to sleep for several days. I suggested Reiki, and she decided it was worth a try.

I worked with her across distance that evening. As I worked, I could feel a tremendous amount of Reiki energy being pulled into her back, but when I spoke with her the next day, she said she was still in pain. Further, she said she hadn’t felt any energy entering her back during the session. Puzzled, I asked her if she had felt anything at all during the session. She thought a moment, then said that her right leg had twitched quite strongly throughout the session. “Why is that?” I asked. “What’s going on with your leg?”

“I had varicose vein surgery on it last week,” she said. After a moment, she added, “Oh!”

That night, I gave her another Reiki session across distance. This time, I didn’t feel anything in my hands; nevertheless, I knew that the Reiki was working. When I saw Dian the next day, she did a little happy dance. She said that her pain was completely gone and that she had slept through the night for the first time since her fall.


My friend Cathy and I had walked into the diner for lunch and were preparing to take our seats when an elderly man sailed through the air and slammed, head first, into the wooden frame of our booth. I was immediately kneeling next to him, coat still on, purse still slung on my shoulder. Pale and extremely agitated, he clutched his chest and cried out over and over that he had a bad heart. I asked if I could touch him.

The moment I laid my hands on the top of his head, he noticeably calmed. His frightened voice became softer, and the fear left his eyes. After about a minute, he had completely relaxed.

When I asked the man what had happened, he said that the stool had broken. Indeed it had. I saw that the metal pipe that connected the seat to the floor had snapped in two.

I continued channeling Reiki while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. The man told me that he lived next door in an assisted living community, that he came to the diner several times a week for lunch, that he needed to pay the check. (I told him he didn’t.) He told me again about his heart, but he said it calmly and no longer seemed worried.

After a few minutes, he kindly said, “I’m better now. You don’t need to keep touching me.”

But with his permission, I kept my hands where they were until the paramedics arrived. By then, the color had returned to his face, and he was sitting up (at his insistence), talking about his home, and breathing calmly.


My great aunt Hilda had been in a nursing home for quite a few years. She suffered from an auto-immune disease as well as a condition that dried out her mucous membranes: mouth, throat, nose, eyes. She was blind and in constant pain.

She loved horses and used to ride as a child. One day, I brought my saddle to her room. She ran her hands over it and over and over it, crying and laughing.

Later, when her condition worsened, I would place my hands on her head. Her pain would leave, and she would fall into a quiet sleep.


Even though the couple was thrilled to finally move into the big, beautiful house they had built in rural Wisconsin, they felt that something was wrong. They couldn’t put their finger on what it was, but they felt uneasy. They were worried for their children. Even the cat prowled and growled, unable to settle in. They sent me a photograph of the house and asked if there was anything I could do. I offered to clear it with Reiki. As they lived too far from me for an in-person visit, they agreed that I would work across distance from my home.

While the house was quite pleasing to look at, it unsettled me. I decided to work with it out in the open air, wanting to be sure that the heavy energy didn’t lodge itself in my own house. Using Reiki, I cleared each room, one by one. The areas most in need of clearing were the mud room (the area between the house and the garage) and the master bedroom. There was a heavy gray presence in the bedroom, primarily in the wall that faced the front of the house.

When I later reported this to the woman, she said that their bed was up against that front wall, and that neither she nor her husband had slept well since moving into the house. She also said that the cat had steadfastly refused to step foot in the mud room.

The next morning, she called to tell me that she and her husband had slept better than either of them had slept in years. She said that the whole house felt lighter, and that they were no longer afraid. This was the last I heard from her but assume that the benefits extended to the family cat as well.


A friend, Jeannette, is a member of a community singing group that gives performances twice a year. Jeannette often sings a solo at these performances. Some years ago, she confided that doing the solos caused her intense anxiety. The reason was that one night many, many years before, as a fledgling actor, she had completed a performance that included a solo and while heading home was accosted and raped. The trauma of that event followed her into every subsequent solo performance.

After telling me about this trauma, she requested a Reiki session. She was performing a solo the following evening and hoped that the Reiki would help alleviate her fear. It did. And the fear has not returned.


My friend and colleague, Tom, was a beloved high school teacher. Over 50 of his students were present at his funeral, some of them participating in the service. One young woman approached the podium to read a poem. She began well enough but was quickly overcome with grief. As her voice cracked and dipped, several of the young women in attendance began to quietly cry, then several more, and several more. I could feel the grief beginning to swell and sensed that the students were on the verge of hysteria.

Just one week before, I had been attuned to Level II Reiki and had learned the Reiki signs that allow one to send Reiki healing across distance and that assist with emotional healing. There was nothing to lose in trying. I covered my right hand with my left so as to shield what I was doing and quickly made the signs. The swell of grief pulled back. The crying stopped. The young women at the podium regained her composure, and the service continued.


Testimonials & Stories

Testimonials & Stories

Reiki & Animal Communication

I was originally referred to Pam Sourelis by a dear friend who successfully used Pam’s animal communication skills to solve a behavioral problem she was having with her dog. At the time my beloved 12 year-old Border Collie, Codi, had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer, so I was very interested in learning the dog’s perspective on what was occurring to her. I promptly contacted Pam to set up a session.

To say that I was amazed by the results would be a tremendous understatement. The information she shared with me was incredibly interesting and insightful as well. Moreover, it was very specific; to the point where it was patently obvious the information had to have come directly from Codi. The session helped me to better understand how to best take care of my dog going forward and also gave me comfort during a very challenging time. I was so pleased with the results that I contracted Pam’s services for two other sessions over the next 9 months; both of them were equally as valuable as the first. I cannot begin to communicate to you how beneficial Pam’s services were to both my wife and me, and for that reason I highly recommend her as an animal communicator.

Jeff, Glenn Ellyn, IL


I contacted Pam on the recommendation of a friend who was helped immediately with her cats’ behavior problems.  This friend told me some of what to expect, but I somehow failed to understand that Pam works through distance and was shocked at first to find out, and a bit skeptical. Desperate though, I tried it.We adopted our beautiful Esmerelda from a shelter about 2 months ago.  She is 2 years old and we weren’t given much history on her, except that she was bullied by another cat in her last adoption.  Esmerelda was exceptionally freaked out and spent the first few weeks hiding under the farthest furniture corners.  She recoiled from even the most gentle human advances, her body stiff and tense.  Little by little we have been wearing her down with love and patience.  She has made slow, weekly progress in acclimating to the environment and to us.  The problem was the litter box.  She would pee in it but poop on the floor near it.  We tried everything: switching litters, having 2 boxes, moving the location of the box(es), and various combinations.  Every change made the situation worse and it spiraled out of control so that she was now peeing on the wood floors and pooping any old place.  We were afraid to step anywhere, and afraid to leave the apartment. What Pam discovered, among other things, was that Esmerelda didn’t like the box or the litter.  She wanted to “go outside” and Pam saw an image of her digging, something she NEVER did – never covered up her stuff as cats do.  As she is a city cat, going outside is impossible so Pam asked her to try to use the litter box.  I was so relieved to know the problem was just the litter box and not other issues.  I also had wondered if she needed another cat in the house and Pam said no, not at this time.  I discussed with Pam what kind of box and litter to try.  As soon as the new box was installed, Esmy ran over, inspected it and began digging in it!  She has used the new litter box consistently ever since and the problem is absolutely solved.  I feel such a tremendous weight lifted off me, and Esmerelda definitely does too – she is literally leaping around the apartment now.  And she doesn’t do the freaked out dance she used to after peeing each time.  Everyone to whom I have told this story has asked if Pam works with people too!

Michelle, Brooklyn, NY


A year ago [at the time this was written], my old gelding, Buddy, was apparently bitten by the very toxic Brown Recluse Spider. After eight months of every allopathic treatment my vet could think of, he gave up. Poor old Buddy sank into deep depression. I began trying alternative therapies, including homeopathy.

When Pam first offered to send Buddy Reiki, I thought, “Sure, why not?” I thought it was sweet of her to try to help, but Buddy had received Reiki before and was seemingly unhelped by it. This time was different! Each time Pam sends Buddy Reiki, he is visibly more relaxed and at peace. The effects last for days. I’m sure that without her treatments, Buddy would have willed himself to pass on; he was in such depths of despair over his health. The spider bite is in the last stages of healing now, but I hope Pam will be sending Reiki to Buddy for many more years!

Kate, Lexington, KY


Our dog Franny, who is a young, mixed breed female, came from a rescue situation and has always been a little shy and insecure. We are expecting a baby and have been worried that she would once again feel displaced. Pam talked to her, and helped her understand her role in the family and what her ‘job’ would be when the baby came. This conversation completely changed her demeanor—she is a confident, hard-working, respectful member of our family, and we have every reason to expect her to take the new addition in stride. She has also developed one of the best senses of humor we know: Instead of trying to figure out if playtime is fun or a dominance game, she spends her energies joking around and teasing us right back!

Mia, Minneapolis, MN


I want to publicly thank Pam Sourelis for her wonderfully supportive work with my two horses, who where humanely euthanized yesterday. She is a wonderful animal communicator who I have used for my other pets and also one horse that went down too. The 30 year old was fine and understood when she explained to them what would happen the next day, so that they would understand what was happening to them out of the blue; the other, with the huge tumor, did not understand and was frightened. But when the time came, he was calm and accepting. That meant the world to me. I was the biggest emotional wreck, and she helped me too.

So when the time comes for you and yours, I strongly recommend you seek Pam’s help with that….and there is a time for all….unfortunately.

Linsey, Rapid City, SD


Pam’s work was an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me, for which I will always be grateful. Pam’s work led to nothing short of a miracle. I met Pam when my kitty, Cassandra, was diagnosed with a rare condition and wasn’t eating properly. The vet found no reason why she shouldn’t be eating due to her condition, and the condition is extremely rare, with no known cause. My cat was young and healthy otherwise. As soon as Pam communicated with Cassandra, everything started to get better.

Pam told me Cassandra’s energy was excellent, and that helped calm me down, an important positive step. In the proof category for the miracle element, my kitty’s voice had changed drastically due to a throat condition and there was no prognosis according to conventional wisdom for recovery; however, her voice is completely restored and she is back to her high soprano self. Many mysteries remain, in my life, in Cassandra’s life, in the world, but Pam helped bring me and my beloved animal to a better place.

Cassandra fully recovered, despite the fact that there is no known evidence that you can recover from what she was diagnosed with. She is a completely healthy, happy, fun-loving, gorgeous kitty. I know happy endings don’t always occur the way we want but this one did in huge, real-life color, thanks significantly to Pam Sourelis and her work and insight.

Katie, New York City


At 9AM, Quinn began a low, soft “woof” that continued the first few minutes, when I believe, you were contacting him—several times I noticed he “stretched out” his little body as if he were receiving a massage along with a “message” and definitely he was relaxed. At the very time of 9:30AM—I noticed—very definitely, Quinn seemed to smile at me and wag his tail profoundly while not getting all excited and out of control. He seemed to be smiling at me and saying, “It’s over Mom” and I liked it and I know better now! This was amazing for me to experience. Our big question—do you work w/people!!!

The first Sunday of every month, we have guests in our home—male and female. Quinn has always been fine with the females; however, he has always been aggressing with the males who visit. This Sunday, last night, was exceptionally different and our guests commented on Quinn’s improved behavior. We shared your work and your comments with them. I definitely noticed Quinn liked my sharing your comments, as it was done with the pure intention to help other “critters” if they need help—he just got very, very loving when I brought out the printed e-mail! As if he felt my doubt (about Quinn’s privacy) and actually encouraged me to share his new found behaviors and comfort which he had received from your work!

We truly have had success and are so grateful for Quinn’s improved experiences w/us. He is definitely more relaxed and even seems happier.

Marilyn, Madison, WI


I had Pam share Reiki and communicate to my dog dying from cancer this past Spring. I had never experienced anything like that ever. In my case, my boy was not ready to go and had a message he wanted to convey to me. When the time was right, we were both at peace with it. She was with him and I until the end and I will forever be grateful for that.

So 5 months later…thank you again Pam. You are a gem of all gems.

I highly recommend Pam to anyone going through this.

Jody, Michigan


Thank you so very much! I’m excited!! I was hoping he was pleased with his life. I could NOT believe it this morning!!! I looked out early and PJ was running, kicking and playing around like I had never seen him do in 3 yrs!! I’ve rehabbed his hooves as it took quite a long time. His hooves have been beautiful now for several months. But, I believe your Reiki did something great for him—cuz he was acting like he felt like a new horse!! He does have a relatively large dry lot and 24/7 shelter access. I know he likes to trail ride. It doesn’t surprise me about the long ride thing, as he does very well on those and seems to really like them. I think competitive trail riding would be down his alley—and some simple, fun trail riding. Thanks a lot Pam for your assistance…..I think you did help him significantly! (smiles to ya!)

Ann, NE


My Welsh pony, Noble, was not only fearful of men and refused to be handled by them, he was also difficult to load into a trailer. To make matters worse, we were continually getting kicked out of boarding barns because he would break through the fences in the middle of the night and be running willy-nilly in the road with his herd buddies. I wanted him to understand that we would run out of places for him to stay if he kept getting kicked out. I was also worried that he would not load onto the trailer because this had always been difficult, and this time, it was going to be a man who was trailering him. A couple days after Pam spoke with Noble, it was time to trailer him. He not only allowed this man to handle him, but he also jumped into the trailer with no hesitation. It has been over 2 years since that date, and Noble hasn’t broken down one fence.

On another occasion, I asked Pam to speak with my dog, Sammy, when I was about to take a 10-day vacation. Sammy had always had separation anxiety and I was never able to take a long vacation. At 10 years old, he had never been away from me for more than 2-3 days, and even during that short time I would leave him with my Uncle, who he was familiar with. Even so, he would refuse to eat his food, would frantically pace around the house looking for me, and would lose control of his bowels while I was gone. I was really concerned about the amount of time I was going to be away from him this time, and my Uncle was unavailable to dog-sit during my vacation, so I would have to use a dog sitter that he didn’t know. When Pam spoke with Sam, she explained to him how many days I’d be gone, where he was going, etc. When I took Sammy to the dog sitter, he acted as though he had been there many times before. He laid on the floor and relaxed. When I left, he didn’t get excited, he just watched me drive away from the window. The dog sitter reported that as soon as I was gone, he immediately went back to laying down. I called the dog sitter several times while I was on vacation and she reassured me that he was doing just fine, and eating his food too! When I got home and went to pick Sammy up, he was laying on the porch of the dog sitter’s house. Ordinarily, he would jump up and clobber me, but this time he just wagged his tail and remained calm. He acted as though HE was on vacation! I was amazed at the drastic change in his behavior and the lasting effect of Pam’s work. Sammy hasn’t had separation anxiety ever since Pam talked with him.

Cheryl, Kirkland, IL


When my 18 year-old-cat, Bundy, began suffering from problems of pain and aging, I asked Pam to help her through Reiki. The healing process began with the first session. Pam has conducted several sessions with Bundy and has noticeably improved her quality of life, both physically and emotionally.

Bundy loves her sessions. As soon as one is over, she comes to find me to tell me all about it.

Shy and sweet-tempered, Bundy has become much more content; so when she started caterwauling at night for no apparent reason, I asked Pam if she would discover the cause. In their next session, Pam learned that Bundy became lonesome for our company in the middle of the night. She just wanted attention and a warm lap. Pam told Bundy that we needed our rest and that she should be still. After that session, the cat stopped yowling, and my husband I began sleeping through the night.

Pam’s skill as a Reiki practitioner and animal communicator is helping all of us.

Joyce, Lake Forest, IL


I have known Pam for over two years. During this time, Pam has worked with our Boston Terrier as a communicator and she has also provided invaluable support and helped myself, my mother, and my sister as a Reiki healer. I came to know Pam and her animal communication and Reiki work through the recommendation of several professionals in the local community who are involved in wellness work.

We adopted a little Boston Terrier, named Georgia Annabella, in July 2004. She had been used for breeding and when she started having false pregnancies she was given up for adoption through the Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue. About six months after Georgia came to live with us, it was apparent that she would require surgery on her two back knees. We consulted Pam prior to Georgia’s surgery to help prepare Georgia for yet another life challenge and to also work with her post-operatively. We were so pleased with the work that Pam did in helping Georgia in preparation for her for surgery and through her entire recuperation period. Pam was able to provide us with insights into Georgia’s past experiences and how these affected her life with us. We are grateful for Pam’s help in assisting us to work with Georgia in facing and overcoming both her emotional and physical problems.

Merida, Woodstock, IL


it was a number of years ago that i first asked pamela sourelis for help with my dog, stosh. he and i had moved a number of times in a single year, and stosh was finding the adjustment to new living spaces difficult. i noticed he was depressed and not acting his usual self. he just didn’t seem to be able to settle into our new apartment and was hiding under the bed for hours every day. pam did a remote session with him one evening, and our life together as pet and owner completely changed.

she told me what and how he was feeling about our moving around, and as i spoke to her on the phone [after the session] he sat next to me on the couch watching me intently. pam suggested that i give him some rescue remedy in his water dish, and take some as well. (my little guy stosh is one of the most picky eaters you’ll ever meet.) i took a couple drops of remedy, and then walked to his water dish. i said, “you told pam you’d take some of this as well. here it is.” as soon as i put some drops in his water, he walked right over and drank. i almost fell over on the spot! from that time on, stosh and i have lived together more as inter-species roommates than as “owned” and “owner.” i believed my dog was special from the beginning, it was pam who has helped me see the truth of that in ways i never expected.

in the ensuing years, pam has helped us shift some potentially negative behavioral patterns as well as avert health problems with her energy healing. before any big change in stosh’s life, i contact pam and have her fill him in on the details. we’ve moved across the country by car, twice, and he has acted as co-pilot during the moves with no fear or resistance to new experiences or hotel rooms. for a small dog (under 12 pounds) his confidence and friendliness is amazing to most people.

i’ve freely recommended her to a number of my friends with pets and the help she’s given them has met with equally positive results. both stosh and i are very thankful to have her as part of our lives!

Lisa, Aurora, IL


Thank you for all your work with Lulu. It helped her (and us) tremendously. Lulu passed this morning with both of us holding her. She must have felt the love that surrounded her, as we felt hers. She will be missed! Thank you for everything.

Patrick & Lisa, New York City


Ten years ago my beloved lab/Doberman mix, Diva, was suffering from hip dysplasia.  Diva was 15 years old, and I knew she wasn’t going to live forever.  But I wanted her as comfortable as possible in her last year.  I had spoken with Pam about Diva and how I believed she was in pain.  Pam treated Diva with distance Reiki and with in-person healing [Reiki and Neuromuscular Retraining].  Every time Diva had a healing from Pam, she felt better and it showed in her walk and demeanor.  When Diva’s time came, Pam helped both me and Diva to make that life cycle transition.

I would also add that a few years later, I went through a very difficult divorce.  During the very first weeks, I was in a lot of physical pain from the emotional struggle.  Pam did distance Reiki on me and it helped tremendously.  Pam is a true healer of all creatures.

Rachel, Chicago, IL


Neuromuscular Retraining Classes

Neuromuscular Retraining Classes


Learn to release tension, reinforce a sense of balance in your horse, and strengthen the human/equine bond.

Getting Ready to Ride (90 minutes)

In this introductory class, you will learn a gentle exercise, How to Rock Your Horse, which will soften and rebalance both you and your horse and will prepare your horse for work. This exercise can be used in place of passive stretches, which seem to be quite popular these days but which can be quite damaging to your horse. You will also learn how to recognize when your horse is suffering from muscle tension and unbalanced movement. In addition, I will demonstrate the three basic approaches of my Neuromuscular Retraining method, and you will have the opportunity to try some of these approaches on your horse as well. Class size is limited to 15. Cost: $35 per person.

A portion of the fee will be donated to your choice of either Habitat for Horses or The Animal Legal Defense Fund (or another non-profit animal organization of your choice). Contact Me to schedule a class for your barn or riding club.

One-Day Class

An extended version of the 90-minute class (above). Participants receive substantial hands-on time with horses. Classes can be four, five, or six hours long, depending on the interest of the participants. Class size is limited to eight. Cost: $20 per hour, per person. Contact Me to schedule a class for your barn or riding club.



The Magic of Movement (90 minutes)

Does your dog sit evenly on both seat bones, or does he favor one or the other? Does she always lie on the same side of her body? Does he have difficulty getting up? Is she uncoordinated or off-balance? Does he suffer from pain or stiffness? Is your dog slow-moving, generally resistant, or grouchy?

In this 90-minute demonstration, I will explain the importance of efficient movement in our animal companions and will explain how you can determine if your animal is moving efficiently and comfortably. I will also demonstrate the three hands-on approaches used in my Neuromuscular Retraining method and will show you How to Breathe with Your Dog, an exercise designed to promote relaxation and bonding with your animal companion. All of the information and exercises in this class are applicable to cats as well as dogs. Cost: $35 per person.

A portion of the fee will be donated to The Animal Legal Defense Fund or another non-profit animal organization or shelter of your choice. Contact Me to schedule a class for your club or group of animal-loving friends.

One-Day Class

An extended version of the 90-minute class (above). Participants receive substantial hands-on time with dogs. Classes can be four, five, or six hours long, depending on the interest of the participants Class size is limited to eight. Cost: $20 per hour, per person. Contact Me to schedule a class for your club or group of dog-loving friends.



Animal Communication Classes

Animal Communication Classes


You want to be able to communicate with animals, but you’re not sure how? In this class, you will learn what telepathic communication is and the many forms it can take. And you will take part in stress-free exercises with both humans and animals that will reconnect you with your natural telepathic abilities and help build your confidence.

Classes meet from 10 am to 5 pm on either a Saturday or a Sunday, and include a one-hour lunch break.

Advance registration is required.


The current class schedule is available here.

Classes can also be scheduled elsewhere in the Midwest. Contact me for information on hosting a class.

Hosts receive a discount (minimum 50 percent off).


I am seeing an increase in the number of online classes and tele-classes for Animal Communication. I have taught writing classes online for years, and I have taken tele-classes, but I cannot recommend either of those approaches for learning Animal Communication.

Nothing substitutes for learning in a physically present group of animal lovers, supporting and nourishing each other’s efforts, helping each other to overcome fear or resistance.


Cost for classes in Illinois:

Price reduced to $135 if paid in full two weeks in advance.


Cost for classes outside Illinois may be higher.

Contact me for details.



Intermediate and Advanced Classes Coming Soon!

To be notified of upcoming classes, Join My List to receive email notifications.

The sign-up box appears on the left of every page of this Website.



Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes for Animal Lovers

In all four levels, you will work with both humans and animals.

These classes are designed for those who want to use Reiki both for self-healing and for assisting animals in their healing.



Reiki Classes for Caregivers (human)

In all four levels, you will work with humans only.

The class is designed for those in the role of caregiver: physicians, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, hospice workers, children and spouses of the chronically or terminally ill (cancer, Alzheimer’s, immune disorders), but is open to anyone who wishes to learn how to use Reiki for the healing of humans (including oneself).


Reiki is a truly amazing experience, both in its healing power and spiritual journey. Pam was a superb teacher, and I highly recommend her. She gives you hands on training in Reiki and is available even outside of class to help answer questions or offer Reiki advice.

Matt Stebbins, Woodstock, IL



The Classes

Mikao Usui, the creator of the Reiki system of natural healing, did not differentiate between students and clients. People came to him to heal and to deepen their spiritual awareness. He offered them what they needed when they were ready; there were no levels. These levels have developed over time in the western world.

The Level I Class

In the Level I class, you will learn the history and ethics of Reiki, and you will learn to use Reiki for yourself and others.

As you practice at this level, you will learn:

  • The power and beauty of daily practice of self-healing
  • To respect the healing path of others
  • To trust your intuition

Please note that the Level I practitioner is not yet ready to give Reiki treatments professionally.

Cost: $175


The Level II Class

In the Level II class, you will learn the Reiki symbols and how to share Reiki healing from a distance (any distance).

Cost: $250


I believe it took me almost two years from the first time Pam worked with my animals before I was able (and ready) to participate in her Reiki I class.  I had never heard of Reiki before, had no idea what to expect and was somewhat afraid [what my family would think]! Six months or so later, I took Pam’s Reiki II class.  I have had so many awesome experiences sharing Reiki with my own 4-legged family members, as well as those animals in nature.  On a personal level, doing self Reiki has added many benefits in my personal life as well.  I start the day calm, centered and ready to meet the day ahead.  Pam’s classes are professionally run but yet fun — definitely worth the time and money well spent!!

Nancy Schuma, Mazon, IL


The Level III (Master) Class

In the Level III (Master) class, you will further refine your connection to Reiki and your ability to assist others in their healing journey.

The one-day class is followed by a six-month mentorship/externship.

Contact me for pricing. I offer this training to those students who have completed the first two levels of training with me.


The Level IV (Teacher) Class

In the Level IV (Teacher) class, you will learn to teach Reiki to others.

The one-day class is followed by an internship in which the student assists with classes and develops her or his personal approach to teaching.


All classes are limited to six participants. Advance registration is required.


Reiki Refresher Sessions (with humans, animals, or both)

These sessions are for Reiki practitioners at any level. They are available as private sessions or as group sessions.


Private sessions: $75/hour

Group sessions (3 or more participants): $30/hour