Stressed Humans

Stressed Humans


Makes you irritable

Steals your energy

Clouds your thinking

Disrupts your sleep

Diminishes your creativity

Weakens your immune system

Throws your life out of balance


But I’m guessing that you already know this . . .


How I can Help

Hawayo Takata, who studied with Mikao Usui (the creator of Reiki practice) and introduced Reiki practice to the States in the late 1940s, said that she hoped one day Reiki would be as common as aspirin. Yes, it’s that good.

A Reiki treatment, either in-person or from a distance, can immediately give you a sense of peace and balance. A series of sessions will help you to begin making permanent changes in your life.

Best of all, if you learn Reiki practice yourself, you will have the power of self-healing at your fingertips.

While stress throws your life out of balance, Reiki healing comforts, energizes, clarifies, restores, empowers, strengthens . . .

helps you reclaim balance in your life.

Contact Me with any questions you may have about how Reiki healing can help you.


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