Listening with Your Heart Level II

Listening with Your Heart Level II





At the request of many of you who have taken the introductory class, my animal teachers/mentors/collaborators and I have created a Level II experience designed to help you explore a deeper level of connection with the animals, the natural world, and your inner wisdom.


A Three-Month Guided Experience


I. On the first day of each month, I will email participants a link to a video that will introduce the theme/topic you will be exploring that month. I will also, of course, share animal stories.


The video will also suggest ways to engage with animals during the month. You can work with your own animals, with friends’ animals, with the animal loves of others in the class; there’s no shortage of wild ones to speak with as well.


II. Also on the first of the month, I will open a group email thread for questions, observations, suggestions . . .

I won’t use Facebook, and Slack is a bit clumsy, so this seems to be the easiest approach. I can post a new thread weekly if necessary.


III. The second week of the month, after you’ve had a chance to listen to the video and experiment for a bit, we will meet for a 90-minute Zoom call, where you will share your experiences and ask questions, and we will do some additional work together.

The fourth week of the month, we will meet for another 90-minute Zoom call.



Monthly Topics


I. You will get more comfortable with knowing who is speaking. Is it the animal? Is it you? is it the animal’s human companion? How do you know?


II. You will experiment with various approaches to communicating:

  • from a distance or in person?
  • on the phone with the human or alone with the animal?
  • photos or just names?
  • How much information do you want/need before the session?
  • Words or pictures or something else?


III. You will begin to understand your strengths:

  • physical, emotional, spiritual . . . all three?
  • death and dying?
  • lost animals?


There will be plenty of opportunity and space for us to add topics, to expand and deepen our exploration. This class belongs to the participants, two-legged and four-legged.

You will experience listening to animals, and other beings in nature, as a kind of meditation, perhaps even a spiritual practice, a practice that will enrich all areas of your life.


The fee for the three-month program is $325.

This includes:

three instructional videos

six 90-minute live, interactive Zoom meetings

an open email thread for questions and discussion


The March-May 2023 class has ended.

The next class will be scheduled for early 2024



Contact me  if you’ve completed the introductory class and are interested in continuing.







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