Pam & Chulo

Pam & Chulo

When this picture was taken, Chulo was living at a rescue in Woodstock, IL. I volunteered there from time to time, sharing my Reiki hands.

When the director brought Chulo out onto this small patio, she warned me not to touch him, that he was “a biter.” So I shared my Reiki hands with him from a distance, while he investigated the patio. He mumbled and grumbled. He told me that both of the times he had snapped at someone at the shelter it was because the person (two different ones) had come up behind him and grabbed him. He’d just been frightened. “Stupid people,” he said.

I agreed and kept sharing my Reiki hands from a distance. Next thing I knew, he’d jumped up on the bench beside me and placed himself between my hands.

Just at that moment, the director rounded the corner with her camera. I had no idea Chulo was grinning until I got a copy of the photo several weeks later.

Chulo passed away several years ago. He was still a resident at the shelter. For liability reasons, they couldn’t place him in a home because he’d bitten. This didn’t bother him at all. When I’d asked him about finding a home, he’d cheerfully said, “This is my home.”


Rest in Peace Sweet Man.