Recently we asked Pam to help us with one of the girls. That’s what we call our two 10 year old litter mates, Rosie and Mahalia.

We often affectionately scratch the girls’ backs, which they love. Suddenly one day we went to give Rosie a scratch on her rump and she yelped in excruciating pain, cowered and began shivering. We had never seen Rosie behave this way or experience pain this intense. The curly, happy, alert tail we knew and loved was no longer wagging nor standing at attention.

Immediately we went to the vet covering the clinic that day and were prescribed medication which we were concerned about administering, especially when the vet was unsure of what ailed Rosie.

We decided that we had to get in touch with Pam to see if she could do anything to help.  Pam responded almost immediately to my email and asked for a photo of Rosie.  Pam had no prior knowledge of what was causing Rosie so much pain but she was able to tell us that Rosie had nerve pain in one of her hind legs and lower back.

Rosie had 3 Neuromuscular Retraining sessions at a distance with Pam and after the first one, the happy tail hesitantly returned.  Within days of her second session a week later we were trying to stop Rosie from doing the “helicopter” in our backyard and from wrestling with her sister.  One month later and we have our Rosie back.  We are so grateful!

Thank you Pam for sharing your gift to help our precious Rosie.

  – Aisha Noble, Chicago