Sinatra’s Story

Sinatra’s Story

I first heard of Pam Sourelis more than six years ago when my cousin called Pam to see if she could do anything for her beloved sweetheart Poco, little white bichon frise, who was diagnosed by two veterinarians, and both recommended euthanization. Poco had Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and was urinating blood and very sick and uncomfortable. A friend gave Pam’s number to my cousin, and she called. After the remote treatment, Pam called my cousin and told her things that ONLY Poco could have known! The next day, Poco was taken off of the intravenous tubes, began to rapidly recover, his disease went into remission, and he lived another five years! The rapid recovery was truly miraculous. I was very intrigued with Pam’s great work.

A few years ago, another friend was very upset – her young poodle was diagnosed with something serious, and was in the hospital on intravenous, and the vet recommended euthanization. I told my friend about Pam and she called her. The rest of this story is similar to the previous story! Pam told my friend things that only her dog, Coco, could have known! Coco went into remission and is still healthy today. My friend took Pam’s Animal Communications class and loved it. I had not met Pam or talked to her myself, but I continued to recommend her healing work to people.

I finally called Pam myself this year when one of my feral cats, Sinatra, became deathly ill. Sinatra began eating less, then one day showed up with mucus all over his face, completely congested, gurgling, gagging, struggling to breathe, staring at the food dish (soft canned food) and then me, unable to eat even one drop of food or water. The neighbor and I watched in horror for seven full days as he lost his weight down to bones, fur knotted, and was so sick and weak and the congestion still building, and severely dehydrated, just staring at the food and too weak to walk. Tried to get him into a cage a few times but that just scared him away and traumatized him. I called Pam Sourelis on the eighth day, in tears with this urgent situation. Pam treated Sinatra and—within hours—he appeared with an almost clean face! He talked to me a bit and sounded better. By the next morning, less than 24 hours after treatment, he started eating and couldn’t get enough! We fed him every few hours for days, and he gobbled up food and water for almost a week, building his strength back up. In less than five days, he looked and acted shiny and new – we were all so happy and amazed by the very rapid recovery! Another miracle! Cats usually don’t recover from respiratory illnesses even if they go to a vet! The loving Reiki work is what healed Sinatra and allowed him to overcome his illness! I also learned valuable information about Sinatra through Pam’s communication with him, and he talks to us much more nowadays and I can pet him now! Reiki healing for a feral cat works like a miracle!

I went to Pam’s Level One Reiki class, and look forward to future classes. I feel healthier and better since taking the class. Her devotion to her work, extensive experience, and high success rate place Pam at the top of my list as a recommended healer of both humans and animals.

Thank you Pam!

Dana Marie, Chicago