What is Reiki for Animals?

What is Reiki for Animals?

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a healing practice involving gentle touch. Reiki practice promotes calm and balance, which strengthens the body’s natural healing mechanism and creates an environment for healing and growth.

Reiki is not a religion or belief system, and works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques.

There is nothing to fear from Reiki. It can only be used for healing.



I have used Reiki sessions to soothe physical trauma and shock; to manage pain; to help wounds heal more quickly—including post-surgical wounds; to help diseases resolve more quickly; to help relieve colic and other digestive upsets; to help resolve mental and emotional upsets, such as with abused, traumatized, or sad animals; and to assist with the end-of-life transitions.

Animals are extremely open and responsive to Reiki healing. They do not question whether the healing is actually taking place; they just take what they need then move away.


The Healing Session

The Reiki practitioner works in one of two ways: by placing hands on the animal’s body or by working from a distance (any distance), which requires no physical contact. Both methods are equally effective.

The Reiki session helps your animal to balance and intensify her own, natural healing ability. The touch is extremely light and gentle, and does not involve massage. Most animals experience the Reiki session as relaxing, soothing, and calming. When the session is over, you may notice immediate results in your animal companion, such as increased energy or interest, increased appetite, increased mobility, and so on. A series of sessions may be necessary to allow the body to fully heal.

In the case of end-of-life assistance, in my experience a Reiki treatment calms the animal, aiding the transition. Because I am also an animal communicator, I am also able to share any messages that your animal may have for you.

Hands-on sessions are available in your Chicago-area home or barn.

My fee is $85. If you would like me to speak with your animal as well, the fee is $100.

If you are more than 20 miles from Woodstock, IL, there is a trip fee. The amount depends on how far I have to travel.


Distance sessions are available anywhere in the world. Your animal will relax in a quiet place in your home or barn, and I will work with him or her from my office. I have animal clients all over the country and have worked with animals as far away as Australia. When the session is over, I will email you a transcript.

My fee is $70. If you would like me to speak with your animal as well, the fee is $85.


Reduced-Fee Packages

In cases of chronic illness or post-surgical recovery, I often recommend a series of three sessions.

I offer a three-session in-person packages for $240; with communication the reduced fee is $285.

Three-session distance packages are $195; with communication the reduced fee is $240.

For terminally ill animals or elderly animals with pain issues, I recommend monthly or twice monthly sessions.


Contact Me to ask questions about Reiki, to discuss your needs, or to make an appointment.


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