What is Reiki for Humans?

What is Reiki for Humans?

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a healing practice involving gentle touch. Reiki practice promotes calm and balance, which strengthens the body’s natural healing mechanism and creates an environment for healing and growth.

Because Reiki assists you in healing on all levels—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—you can participate in Reiki healing for many reasons, from managing pain to relieving stress to changing the direction and focus of your life.

Reiki is not a religion or belief system, and works in conjunction with all other medical and therapeutic techniques.

There is nothing to fear from Reiki. It can only be used for healing.



It is important to understand that the Reiki session does not address specific symptoms or diseases. The session promotes balance, which allows your body to heal itself.

Medical research into the benefits of Reiki healing is just beginning, but preliminary data suggest that Reiki sessions can help improve heart rate, blood pressure, and immunity; and can reduce pain, anxiety, and depression. In my 20 years as a professional Reiki practitioner, I have witnessed many instances of these benefits.

I have also witnessed Reiki sessions accelerate healing after surgery or injury, accelerate recovery from illness, reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and other drug protocols, assist with detoxification from substance dependence, assist with recovery from grief or loss, decrease stress, increase vitality, and improve mental and emotional outlook, including for those suffering from depression or dementia.

The Session

The Reiki practitioner works in one of two ways: by placing hands on the client’s body or by working from a distance (any distance), which requires no physical contact. Both methods are equally effective.

The intent of a Reiki session is to balance and intensify your own, natural healing ability. The touch is extremely light and gentle, and does not involve massage. Most everyone experiences Reiki as relaxing, soothing, and calming. Most often, clients report an increased sense of well-being immediately after receiving Reiki. A series of sessions may be necessary to allow the body to fully heal.

Hands-on sessions are available in my Woodstock, IL, office or in your Chicago-area home or hospital room. You will remain fully clothed but will be asked to remove your shoes and jewelry. In my office, you will lie on your back on a comfortable, padded table in a soothing environment (soft light, calming music).

My fee is $85.

If you are more than 20 miles from Woodstock, IL, there is a trip fee. The amount depends on how far I have to travel.

Distance sessions are available anywhere in the world. You will relax in a quiet place of your choice, and I will work with you from my office. When the session is over, we will speak by phone or I will email you a transcript, whichever you prefer.

My fee is $70.


Reduced-Fee Packages

In cases of chronic illness or stress, or post-surgical recovery, I often recommend a series of three sessions.

I offer a three-session, in-person package for $240 (a savings of $15 over the per-session price).

I offer a three-session distance package for $195 (a savings of $15 over the per-session price).

Questions about Reiki practice and how it can help you?

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