A Couple

Even though the couple was thrilled to finally move into the big, beautiful house they had built in rural Wisconsin, they felt that something was wrong. They couldn’t put their finger on what it was, but they felt uneasy. They were worried for their children. Even the cat prowled and growled, unable to settle in. They sent me a photograph of the house and asked if there was anything I could do. I offered to clear it with Reiki. As they lived too far from me for an in-person visit, they agreed that I would work across distance from my home.
While the house was quite pleasing to look at, it unsettled me. I decided to work with it out in the open air, wanting to be sure that the heavy energy didn’t lodge itself in my own house. Using Reiki, I cleared each room, one by one. The areas most in need of clearing were the mud room (the area between the house and the garage) and the master bedroom. There was a heavy gray presence in the bedroom, primarily in the wall that faced the front of the house.
When I later reported this to the woman, she said that their bed was up against that front wall, and that neither she nor her husband had slept well since moving into the house. She also said that the cat had steadfastly refused to step foot in the mud room.
The next morning, she called to tell me that she and her husband had slept better than either of them had slept in years. She said that the whole house felt lighter, and that they were no longer afraid. This was the last I heard from her but assume that the benefits extended to the family cat as well.


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