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I’ve been working with this gorgeous guy, Enzo, every month for about three years now. When I met him (from a distance), he was in a great deal of distress: his coat was dull and falling out in patches, he had lost a great deal of weight, he coughed up phlegm, and often had trouble breathing. His vet could not determine what was wrong with him.


His human felt that Enzo was not ready to pass and asked me if I could help.

After a few sessions, Enzo started eating better and gaining weight, and his coat got full and glossy. He always had an easier time breathing for a few weeks after a session (conducted from a distance), so we decided on a monthly schedule.

Enzo’s human was eventually able to take Enzo to a university veterinary hospital. The vet determined that Enzo’s breath thing tube was unnaturally narrow, that it was “like breathing through a straw.” The vet recommended that Enzo be put down.

Enzo said no.

That was about two years ago.

His human is not a selfish woman; she loves Enzo but would not ask him to endure pain for her sake. He still has days where breathing is difficult, but for the most part he has a good quality of life, a life that he is clearly enjoying.

Before our most recent session, Enzo’s human told me that Enzo hadn’t been playing much, that he seemed tired and sad. Our sessions are most often Reiki sessions, but on this day (again from a distance), he presented his hips to me during the session. I could tell he was experiencing stiffness in his hind end, so I did a brief Neuromuscular Retraining session with him. His body felt very different to me after the session.

Two days later, Enzo’s human called and said, “I don’t know what you did, but Enzo has been running around and playing like a kitten.”

To which I can only respond, Yay, Enzo! What a huge, loving, playful heart you have. What an inspiration you are to us all: Those of us living with adversity, those of us witnessing the journey of others living with adversity.


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