Animal Communication Classes & Talks

Animal Communication Classes & Talks



Listening with Your Heart:

An Introduction to Animal Communication

You want to be able to communicate with animals, but you’re not sure how? In this class, you will learn what telepathic communication is and the many forms it can take. And you will take part in stress-free exercises with both humans and animals that will reconnect you with your natural telepathic abilities and help build your confidence.

I’ve taught this class live for a number of years, but COVID has made that an unsafe option.

So I am now offering the class in two, live, online meetings via Zoom.

The next class is four sessions, beginning October 18. Full details HERE.



Classes can also be scheduled elsewhere in the Midwest. Contact Me for information on hosting a class.

Hosts receive a discount (minimum 50 percent off).



Level II class coming soon!

If you’ve taken my introductory class and are interested in continuing, Contact Me for more information.




These 90-minute talks are really fun. I love doing them, and the audience always seems to really enjoy them. I explain the basics of animal communication and then answer your questions with stories of my experiences talking with animals. Not surprisingly, some folks in the group start sharing their own stories, too.

All animal lovers communicate with animals; some folks just either aren’t aware that they’re doing it, or they don’t believe that they are.

I can speak in person to your group in the Chicago metropolitan area or Southern Wisconsin.

If you’re not in the area, we can set something up online using Zoom. (No worries, it’s easy. You just click on the link I send you, which puts you in a virtual meeting room, where we can all see each other, and you can ask questions in real time.)


Due to COVID, all talks will be conducted via Zoom at this time.


Cost: FREE!

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