Ann, NE

Thank you so very much! I’m excited!! I was hoping he was pleased with his life. I could NOT believe it this morning!!! I looked out early and PJ was running, kicking and playing around like I had never seen him do in 3 yrs!! I’ve rehabbed his hooves as it took quite a long time. His hooves have been beautiful now for several months. But, I believe your Reiki did something great for him—cuz he was acting like he felt like a new horse!! He does have a relatively large dry lot and 24/7 shelter access. I know he likes to trail ride. It doesn’t surprise me about the long ride thing, as he does very well on those and seems to really like them. I think competitive trail riding would be down his alley—and some simple, fun trail riding. Thanks a lot Pam for your assistance…..I think you did help him significantly! (smiles to ya!)