My friend Cathy and I had walked into the diner for lunch and were preparing to take our seats when an elderly man sailed through the air and slammed, head first, into the wooden frame of our booth. I was immediately kneeling next to him, coat still on, purse still slung on my shoulder. Pale and extremely agitated, he clutched his chest and cried out over and over that he had a bad heart. I asked if I could touch him.
The moment I laid my hands on the top of his head, he noticeably calmed. His frightened voice became softer, and the fear left his eyes. After about a minute, he had completely relaxed.
When I asked the man what had happened, he said that the stool had broken. Indeed it had. I saw that the metal pipe that connected the seat to the floor had snapped in two.
I continued channeling Reiki while we waited for the paramedics to arrive. The man told me that he lived next door in an assisted living community, that he came to the diner several times a week for lunch, that he needed to pay the check. (I told him he didn’t.) He told me again about his heart, but he said it calmly and no longer seemed worried.
After a few minutes, he kindly said, “I’m better now. You don’t need to keep touching me.”
But with his permission, I kept my hands where they were until the paramedics arrived. By then, the color had returned to his face, and he was sitting up (at his insistence), talking about his home, and breathing calmly.

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