My goal in offering these classes is to assist those seeking to strengthen their connection to Source, to their own spirit, and to all other beings.

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If you would like to schedule a free, hour-long Reiki or Animal Communication talk at your home, barn, or club, Contact Pam.






REIKI (pronounced ray-key) IS A HEALING PRACTICE involving gentle touch. Reiki practice promotes calm and balance, which supports and strengthens the body’s own healing mechanism and creates an environment for healing and growth.

You can learn more about Reiki practice here.


Reiki Classes for Animal Lovers

In all three levels, you will work with both humans and animals.

These classes are designed for those who want to use Reiki both for self-healing and for assisting animals in their healing.


Reiki Classes for Everyone

In these classes, you will work with humans only.

You may have a health challenge, either physical or emotional. You may struggle with food or other addictions. You may be overwhelmed in your role as caregiver, professionally or in your private life. You may suffer from insomnia or walk through your days in a state of stress. You may be in a time of transition—a career change, a move, a time of grief.

You may simply want to learn how to create more balance in your life.

THE BEAUTY OF LEARNING REIKI PRACTICE is that you always have it at your fingertips.


Reiki Classes for Caregivers

In all three levels, you will work with humans only.

The class is designed for those in the role of caregiver: physicians, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, hospice workers, children and spouses of the chronically or terminally ill (cancer, Alzheimer’s, immune disorders), but is open to anyone who wishes to learn how to use Reiki for the healing of humans (including oneself).

Reiki is a truly amazing experience, both in its healing power and spiritual journey. Pam was a superb teacher, and I highly recommend her. She gives you hands on training in Reiki and is available even outside of class to help answer questions or offer Reiki advice.

Matt Stebbins, Woodstock, IL


The Classes

Mikao Usui, the creator of the Reiki system of natural healing, did not differentiate between students and clients. People came to him to heal and to deepen their spiritual awareness. He offered them what they needed when they were ready; there were no degrees (or levels). These levels have developed over time in the western world.

The First Degree Class

In the First Degree class, you will be initiated into the first level of Reiki practice.


  • The history and ethics of Reiki practice
  • The five Reiki precepts—guidelines for living a peaceful, balanced life.
  • The foundation of Reiki practice: daily self-healing
  • How to begin using gentle hands-on Reiki practice with others

The all-day class is followed by a THREE-WEEK MENTORING PERIOD where students are encouraged to contact Pam with feedback and questions about Reiki practice as they begin to use it in their daily lives.

After completing the First Degree class, you will be invited to participate in periodic REIKI CIRCLES, where students and former students share a meal, share their experiences with Reiki practice, and share Reiki healing with each other. And you will be invited to continue your study of Reiki practice in the Second Degree class where you will learn to share Reiki healing from a distance.

Please note that the First Degree class is not professional training. Students will learn to use Reiki practice for themselves and their families and friends.

Class fee: $225


The Second Degree Class

In the Second Degree class, you will learn the Reiki symbols and how to share Reiki healing from a distance (any distance).

Class fee: $350


I believe it took me almost two years from the first time Pam worked with my animals before I was able (and ready) to participate in her Reiki I class.  I had never heard of Reiki before, had no idea what to expect and was somewhat afraid [what my family would think]! Six months or so later, I took Pam’s Reiki II class.  I have had so many awesome experiences sharing Reiki with my own 4-legged family members, as well as those animals in nature.  On a personal level, doing self Reiki has added many benefits in my personal life as well.  I start the day calm, centered and ready to meet the day ahead.  Pam’s classes are professionally run but yet fun — definitely worth the time and money well spent!!

Nancy Schuma, Mazon, IL


The Third Degree (Master/Teacher) Class

In the Third Degree (Master/Teacher) class, you will further refine your Reiki practice, and you will learn to teach Reiki to others.

The one-day class is followed by a six-month mentorship/externship, where you will refine and deepen your practice.

You will also participate in a teaching internship in which you will assist with classes and develop a personal approach to teaching.

Contact me for pricing. I offer this training to those students who have completed the first two levels of training with me.


Reiki Refresher Sessions (with humans, animals, or both)

These sessions are for Reiki practitioners at any level. They are available as private sessions or as group sessions. It is not necessary to have taken a class with me to take one of these refresher sessions.


Private sessions: $75/hour

Group sessions (3 or more participants): $30/hour

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Animal Communication

You want to be able to communicate with animals, but you’re not sure how? In this class, you will learn what telepathic communication is and the many forms it can take. And you will take part in stress-free exercises with both humans and animals that will reconnect you with your natural telepathic abilities and help build your confidence.Classes meet from 10 am to 5 pm on either a Saturday or a Sunday, and include a one-hour lunch break.

Advance registration is required.  The current class schedule is available here.

Classes can also be scheduled elsewhere in the Midwest. Contact me for information on hosting a class.  Hosts receive a discount (minimum 50 percent off).

I am seeing an increase in the number of online classes and tele-classes for Animal Communication. I have taught writing classes online for years, and I have taken tele-classes, but I cannot recommend either of those approaches for learning Animal Communication.

Nothing substitutes for learning in a physically present group of animal lovers, supporting and nourishing each other’s efforts, helping each other to overcome fear or resistance.

Class fee:

Inside Illinois: $140.  Price reduced to $125 if paid in full one week in advance.

Outside Illinois: price may be higher.  Contact me for details.


Intermediate and Advanced Classes Coming Soon!

To be notified of upcoming classes, Join My Mailing List to receive email notifications.

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Neuromuscular Retraining


Learn to release tension, reinforce a sense of balance in your horse, and strengthen the human/equine bond.

Getting Ready to Ride (90 minutes)

In this introductory class, you will learn a gentle exercise, How to Rock Your Horse, which will soften and rebalance both you and your horse and will prepare your horse for work. This exercise can be used in place of passive stretches, which seem to be quite popular these days but which can be quite damaging to your horse. You will also learn how to recognize when your horse is suffering from muscle tension and unbalanced movement. In addition, I will demonstrate the three basic approaches of my Neuromuscular Retraining method, and you will have the opportunity to try some of these approaches on your horse as well. Class size is limited to 16.


$45 per person.

A portion of the fee will be donated to the non-profit animal organization of your choice.

Contact me to schedule a class for your barn or riding club.


One-Day Class

An extended version of the 90-minute class (above). Participants receive substantial hands-on time with horses. Classes can be four, five, or six hours long, depending on the interest of the participants. Class size is limited to 10.


$25 per hour, per person.  Contact me to schedule a class for your barn or riding club.



The Magic of Movement (90 minutes)

Does your dog sit evenly on both seat bones, or does he favor one or the other? Does she always lie on the same side of her body? Does he have difficulty getting up? Is she uncoordinated or off-balance? Does he suffer from pain or stiffness? Is your dog slow-moving, generally resistant, or grouchy?

In this 90-minute demonstration, I will explain the importance of efficient movement in our animal companions and will explain how you can determine if your animal is moving efficiently and comfortably. I will also demonstrate the three hands-on approaches used in my Neuromuscular Retraining method and will show you How to Breathe with Your Dog, an exercise designed to promote relaxation and bonding with your animal companion. All of the information and exercises in this class are applicable to cats as well as dogs.


$45 per person.

A portion of the fee will be donated to the non-profit animal organization or shelter of your choice.

Contact me to schedule a class for your club or group of animal-loving friends.


One-Day Class

An extended version of the 90-minute class (above). Participants receive substantial hands-on time with dogs. Classes can be four, five, or six hours long, depending on the interest of the participants Class size is limited to eight.


$25 per hour, per person.  Contact me to schedule a class for your club or group of dog-loving friends.

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