Featured Testimonials

Featured Testimonials


  Recently we asked Pam to help us with one of the girls. That’s what we call our two 10 year old litter mates, Rosie and Mahalia. We often affectionately scratch the girls’ backs, which they love. Suddenly one day we went to give Rosie a scratch on her rump and she yelped in excruciating


I have always been one to be open minded and try different methods of keeping my horse healthy and happy, and why not—he is my partner after all. My friend Marcia sent me to websites of the names of two exceptional women. WingedHorseHealing.com  (Pam Sourelis) and Patricia Holman Milwaukeefeldenkrais.com. After viewing both websites I decided

Reiki & Chemotherapy: Mia’s Story

In March of 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I began chemotherapy treatments in April of 2014 and received regular Reiki sessions from Pam, from a distance, throughout and alongside my drug therapy. We experimented with how to time the sessions in relation to when I received the chemo. In most instances, I received

Goodbye Sweet Ace

  Our First Session I met Ace Flyer last June, when he was just a couple of months shy of 18 years old. Ace had had a stroke and was unable to walk or even to stand. The vet had suggested euthanasia, and his human (I’ll call her Carol), who was in a terrible state

Pam & Chulo

When this picture was taken, Chulo was living at a rescue in Woodstock, IL. I volunteered there from time to time, sharing my Reiki hands. When the director brought Chulo out onto this small patio, she warned me not to touch him, that he was “a biter.” So I shared my Reiki hands with him

Ollie’s Story

[Note: These sessions were conducted from a distance] I found my way to Pam out of sheer desperation. My four-year-old Morgan gelding, Ollie, had always been a bit of a mystery to me, and felt beyond my reach. His training had a series of fits and starts for a variety of reasons, and the only

Reiki & Dementia: Dorothy’s Story

I met Pam through a mutual friend when I needed assistance with my little Boston terrier, Georgia Annabella Leigh. Little did I know then what a marvelous connection this would turn out to be for my mother, Dorothy, and myself. Mom suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and was living in a nursing home. Her first encounter

Sharky’s Story

When I adopted Sharky, my 6 yr. old OTTB from the Equine Rescue, I had to use my heart more than my eyes, as the horse presented to me was not the picture of my dream horse. He ran his last race just 10 months prior to me adopting him, and had been turned out

Sinatra’s Story

I first heard of Pam Sourelis more than six years ago when my cousin called Pam to see if she could do anything for her beloved sweetheart Poco, little white bichon frise, who was diagnosed by two veterinarians, and both recommended euthanization. Poco had Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and was urinating blood and very sick and


from the eDiary of Michelle Ives of Oxford, Connecticut Leroy is reported to have been an Amish workhorse, who was then sent to auction and bought as a hack horse. I have no idea for how long he had each job. For whatever reason, he then went to auction, and was bought by a broker,

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