Jeff, Glenn Ellyn, IL

I was originally referred to Pam Sourelis by a dear friend who successfully used Pam’s animal communication skills to solve a behavioral problem she was having with her dog. At the time my beloved 12 year-old Border Collie, Codi, had recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer, so I was very interested in learning the dog’s perspective on what was occurring to her. I promptly contacted Pam to set up a session.

To say that I was amazed by the results would be a tremendous understatement. The information she shared with me was incredibly interesting and insightful as well. Moreover, it was very specific; to the point where it was patently obvious the information had to have come directly from Codi. The session helped me to better understand how to best take care of my dog going forward and also gave me comfort during a very challenging time. I was so pleased with the results that I contracted Pam’s services for two other sessions over the next 9 months; both of them were equally as valuable as the first. I cannot begin to communicate to you how beneficial Pam’s services were to both my wife and me, and for that reason I highly recommend her as an animal communicator.