Joyce, Lake Forest, IL

When my 18 year-old-cat, Bundy, began suffering from problems of pain and aging, I asked Pam to help her through Reiki. The healing process began with the first session. Pam has conducted several sessions with Bundy and has noticeably improved her quality of life, both physically and emotionally.

Bundy loves her sessions. As soon as one is over, she comes to find me to tell me all about it.

Shy and sweet-tempered, Bundy has become much more content; so when she started caterwauling at night for no apparent reason, I asked Pam if she would discover the cause. In their next session, Pam learned that Bundy became lonesome for our company in the middle of the night. She just wanted attention and a warm lap. Pam told Bundy that we needed our rest and that she should be still. After that session, the cat stopped yowling, and my husband I began sleeping through the night.

Pam’s skill as a Reiki practitioner and animal communicator is helping all of us.