Kate, Lexington, KY

A year ago [at the time this was written], my old gelding, Buddy, was apparently bitten by the very toxic Brown Recluse Spider. After eight months of every allopathic treatment my vet could think of, he gave up. Poor old Buddy sank into deep depression. I began trying alternative therapies, including homeopathy.

When Pam first offered to send Buddy Reiki, I thought, “Sure, why not?” I thought it was sweet of her to try to help, but Buddy had received Reiki before and was seemingly unhelped by it. This time was different! Each time Pam sends Buddy Reiki, he is visibly more relaxed and at peace. The effects last for days. I’m sure that without her treatments, Buddy would have willed himself to pass on; he was in such depths of despair over his health. The spider bite is in the last stages of healing now, but I hope Pam will be sending Reiki to Buddy for many more years!