Katie, New York City

Pam’s work was an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me, for which I will always be grateful. Pam’s work led to nothing short of a miracle. I met Pam when my kitty, Cassandra, was diagnosed with a rare condition and wasn’t eating properly. The vet found no reason why she shouldn’t be eating due to her condition, and the condition is extremely rare, with no known cause. My cat was young and healthy otherwise. As soon as Pam communicated with Cassandra, everything started to get better.

Pam told me Cassandra’s energy was excellent, and that helped calm me down, an important positive step. In the proof category for the miracle element, my kitty’s voice had changed drastically due to a throat condition and there was no prognosis according to conventional wisdom for recovery; however, her voice is completely restored and she is back to her high soprano self. Many mysteries remain, in my life, in Cassandra’s life, in the world, but Pam helped bring me and my beloved animal to a better place.

Cassandra fully recovered, despite the fact that there is no known evidence that you can recover from what she was diagnosed with. She is a completely healthy, happy, fun-loving, gorgeous kitty. I know happy endings don’t always occur the way we want but this one did in huge, real-life color, thanks significantly to Pam Sourelis and her work and insight.