KC, Chicago, IL

I broke my ankle in June and how it happened is a very funny story if you’re anyone but me. I broke my ankle bird-watching. Evidently the rigors of this sport are a very well-kept secret. I’m now in training so that I can resume my sport of choice safely: 1. Look up 2. Look down 3. Take a step 4. Repeat…

In addition to my wounded vanity and all of the anticipated discomforts and inconveniences associated with a broken ankle, I had an unanticipated reaction that was driving me crazy. The trauma caused my sciatic nerve to jump down the entire length of my leg, creating very painful spasms. It was almost constant, preventing me from sleeping at night and concentrating during the day. Pain medication didn’t touch it. I called my friend Pam and scheduled a distance Reiki session. During the session I actually felt my sciatic nerve calm down, and those troubling symptoms never returned throughout my convalescence. The localized inflamation around the break also improved that day.

Thanks Pam.