Lisa, Aurora, IL

it was a number of years ago that i first asked pamela sourelis for help with my dog, stosh. he and i had moved a number of times in a single year, and stosh was finding the adjustment to new living spaces difficult. i noticed he was depressed and not acting his usual self. he just didn’t seem to be able to settle into our new apartment and was hiding under the bed for hours every day. pam did a remote session with him one evening, and our life together as pet and owner completely changed.

she told me what and how he was feeling about our moving around, and as i spoke to her on the phone [after the session] he sat next to me on the couch watching me intently. pam suggested that i give him some rescue remedy in his water dish, and take some as well. (my little guy stosh is one of the most picky eaters you’ll ever meet.) i took a couple drops of remedy, and then walked to his water dish. i said, “you told pam you’d take some of this as well. here it is.” as soon as i put some drops in his water, he walked right over and drank. i almost fell over on the spot! from that time on, stosh and i have lived together more as inter-species roommates than as “owned” and “owner.” i believed my dog was special from the beginning, it was pam who has helped me see the truth of that in ways i never expected.

in the ensuing years, pam has helped us shift some potentially negative behavioral patterns as well as avert health problems with her energy healing. before any big change in stosh’s life, i contact pam and have her fill him in on the details. we’ve moved across the country by car, twice, and he has acted as co-pilot during the moves with no fear or resistance to new experiences or hotel rooms. for a small dog (under 12 pounds) his confidence and friendliness is amazing to most people.

i’ve freely recommended her to a number of my friends with pets and the help she’s given them has met with equally positive results. both stosh and i are very thankful to have her as part of our lives!