Merida, Woodstock, IL

I have known Pam for over two years. During this time, Pam has worked with our Boston Terrier as a communicator and she has also provided invaluable support and helped myself, my mother, and my sister as a Reiki healer. I came to know Pam and her animal communication and Reiki work through the recommendation of several professionals in the local community who are involved in wellness work.

We adopted a little Boston Terrier, named Georgia Annabella, in July 2004. She had been used for breeding and when she started having false pregnancies she was given up for adoption through the Wisconsin Boston Terrier Rescue. About six months after Georgia came to live with us, it was apparent that she would require surgery on her two back knees. We consulted Pam prior to Georgia’s surgery to help prepare Georgia for yet another life challenge and to also work with her post-operatively. We were so pleased with the work that Pam did in helping Georgia in preparation for her for surgery and through her entire recuperation period. Pam was able to provide us with insights into Georgia’s past experiences and how these affected her life with us. We are grateful for Pam’s help in assisting us to work with Georgia in facing and overcoming both her emotional and physical problems.