Michelle, Brooklyn, NY

I contacted Pam on the recommendation of a friend who was helped immediately with her cats’ behavior problems.  This friend told me some of what to expect, but I somehow failed to understand that Pam works through distance and was shocked at first to find out, and a bit skeptical. Desperate though, I tried it.We adopted our beautiful Esmerelda from a shelter about 2 months ago.  She is 2 years old and we weren’t given much history on her, except that she was bullied by another cat in her last adoption.  Esmerelda was exceptionally freaked out and spent the first few weeks hiding under the farthest furniture corners.  She recoiled from even the most gentle human advances, her body stiff and tense.  Little by little we have been wearing her down with love and patience.  She has made slow, weekly progress in acclimating to the environment and to us.  The problem was the litter box.  She would pee in it but poop on the floor near it.  We tried everything: switching litters, having 2 boxes, moving the location of the box(es), and various combinations.  Every change made the situation worse and it spiraled out of control so that she was now peeing on the wood floors and pooping any old place.  We were afraid to step anywhere, and afraid to leave the apartment. What Pam discovered, among other things, was that Esmerelda didn’t like the box or the litter.  She wanted to “go outside” and Pam saw an image of her digging, something she NEVER did – never covered up her stuff as cats do.  As she is a city cat, going outside is impossible so Pam asked her to try to use the litter box.  I was so relieved to know the problem was just the litter box and not other issues.  I also had wondered if she needed another cat in the house and Pam said no, not at this time.  I discussed with Pam what kind of box and litter to try.  As soon as the new box was installed, Esmy ran over, inspected it and began digging in it!  She has used the new litter box consistently ever since and the problem is absolutely solved.  I feel such a tremendous weight lifted off me, and Esmerelda definitely does too – she is literally leaping around the apartment now.  And she doesn’t do the freaked out dance she used to after peeing each time.  Everyone to whom I have told this story has asked if Pam works with people too!