Rachel, Chicago, IL

Ten years ago my beloved lab/Doberman mix, Diva, was suffering from hip dysplasia.  Diva was 15 years old, and I knew she wasn’t going to live forever.  But I wanted her as comfortable as possible in her last year.  I had spoken with Pam about Diva and how I believed she was in pain.  Pam treated Diva with distance Reiki and with in-person healing [Reiki and Neuromuscular Retraining].  Every time Diva had a healing from Pam, she felt better and it showed in her walk and demeanor.  When Diva’s time came, Pam helped both me and Diva to make that life cycle transition.

I would also add that a few years later, I went through a very difficult divorce.  During the very first weeks, I was in a lot of physical pain from the emotional struggle.  Pam did distance Reiki on me and it helped tremendously.  Pam is a true healer of all creatures.