Shirley, Lake Bluff, IL

I have to mention an unexpected outcome of the Reiki. You mentioned that I would have received some too since I had been touching Jeffrey [her dog] during the whole session, my right hand rubbing his back and then when he laid on my feet. I didn’t really equate that to anything in particular until I realized that my left heel seems to have cleared up from the pain I was having over the last 3 months from plantar fastitis—a feeling like a bruise on the heel. Also, my right index finger that I thought was getting a bit arthritic seems to have cleared up for the most part. Both were sore for the last three months or so and I almost went to the doctor. So I must thank you for that! It really was remarkable because both things bothered me all winter, then suddenly got better after the session. And both things were what was in contact with Jeffrey.

John and I would like to take some of your classes and learn more about this. Thanks for everything.