My friend and colleague, Tom, was a beloved high school teacher. Over 50 of his students were present at his funeral, some of them participating in the service. One young woman approached the podium to read a poem. She began well enough but was quickly overcome with grief. As her voice cracked and dipped, several of the young women in attendance began to quietly cry, then several more, and several more. I could feel the grief beginning to swell and sensed that the students were on the verge of hysteria.
Just one week before, I had been attuned to Level II Reiki and had learned the Reiki signs that allow one to send Reiki healing across distance and that assist with emotional healing. There was nothing to lose in trying. I covered my right hand with my left so as to shield what I was doing and quickly made the signs. The swell of grief pulled back. The crying stopped. The young women at the podium regained her composure, and the service continued.

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