All creatures are telepathic, able to send and receive non-verbal, non-physical messages. This includes you! You were born with this ability. And, while it may be a bit rusty, you still have it. Think about all of the times you have communicated with your dog, your cat, your horse, your bird.

Still, it’s sometimes useful to get help from a professional communicator.  When we are emotionally tied to the outcome, it can be difficult to hear clearly. I have been doing this work for many years; still, when one of my animals is ill or seems troubled, I have been known to ask for assistance from another professional.

When I work with an animal, I use Reiki to open the channel of communication. The Reiki opens my heart, quiets my mind, and enables me to receive the animal’s message at the same time that it soothes, calms, and heals the animal.

I receive messages in one of four ways: through words, impressions, images, or sensations in my hands.

Different communicators hear different types of messages. I am the first to admit that I am not very good at merely chatting with an animal. My strength is in receiving information about behavioral, health, emotional, and spiritual issues.

I am also honored to assist animals and their humans with the end-of-life transition. In my experience, animals are very clear about their condition, how much pain (if any) they are in,  and whether or not they would like assistance in passing. I offer support before, during, and after the passage from this life.

Here are a few brief examples of my Animal Communication work (coupled with Reiki)

A dog in Chicago, who was adopted from a shelter, was having a great deal of trouble adjusting to his new home. He told me he was “afraid all the time,” that he needed “quiet.” When I reported this to one of his human companions, I learned that she and her husband are both music teachers and work from their home. They are now letting him into the back yard when they give their lessons. He also said he needed to run. When I asked him if he’d come back, he paused, then said in a sly voice, “I can’t promise.” His human companions now take him to an enclosed park to run several times a week.

A rabbit in Minneapolis, who was suffering from a recurring kidney problem and urinating blood, told me the problem was “in the gut” and that he needed acupuncture for his intestines. He also insisted he had parasites. His human companion, distressed that the larger and larger doses of antibiotics that had been prescribed for him were not solving the problem, took him to a new, holistic vet. The vet trusted the communication enough to give the acupuncture the rabbit had asked for, and in the process discovered that he was quite sensitive in the gut area. She treated him accordingly and also gave him an antiparasitic. He is now in excellent health.

A dog in Florida, who has a cancerous tumor wrapped around his kidney, told me in no uncertain terms that he did not want surgery. In our first session, he drew large amounts of energy into his hips; when I later spoke with his human companion, she told me he had been suffering from pain in this area. While he will eventually die as a result of the cancer, our twice-monthly sessions are helping to keep his energy level up. In the first four or five sessions, he gave me quite a bit of information for his human companion, including the assurance that she will not need to put him down (which she was extremely concerned about), that he will peacefully leave when it is his time. He also communicated information about a past life he had shared with her.

A horse in Illinois had lost an alarming amount of weight. His human companion was convinced that the new managers of the barn where her horse was boarded were not feeding him the amount of feed they had agreed on. When I contacted the horse, my hands were immediately drawn to his lower gut. While channeling Reiki to this area, I saw large numbers of white dots, which I believed to be worms. The horse hadn’t spoken to me, so I asked him to please tell me what was wrong. His response was “You already know.” Just to be certain, I asked him if he was getting enough food. He assured me that he was. The following day, the owner, who wormed him regularly but did not rotate dewormers, used a dewormer that targeted encysted strongyles. Over the next several weeks, her equine companion began to regain the weight he had lost.

A dog in Illinois, who had been picking constant fights with the other dog in the household, told me she was unhappy, that she didn’t feel loved or wanted, that she was jealous of the other dog’s place in the household. The human was mystified, and deeply hurt, by this. She now gives the dog extra attention in the form of trips to the grocery store, or walks alone, which have completely solved the problem. The dog now says that she is very happy.

A no-kill animal shelter in Illinois referred a woman to me who was having such severe problems with her cat that she—although very attached to the cat—was considering giving her up. The five-year-old cat was urinating on the woman’s possessions and had recently destroyed a new wool coat. When I spoke with the cat, she assured me that there was nothing wrong with her bladder (a veterinary exam had come up negative as well). My sense was that she was trying to get the woman’s attention, that she was laying claim to the woman by urinating on her things. The cat then explained that the woman was “not one hundred percent committed.” She wanted a relationship with the woman based on commitment and equality. The cat was angry, indignant. She said she had things to teach the woman, but the woman wasn’t listening and wasn’t interacting with her as an equal. I suggested that the woman speak with her cat, express her love and her willingness to learn to treat the cat as an equal, and then tell her she simply would not tolerate the cat’s urinating on her possessions. (I felt that if the cat wanted a relationship based on equality, this was a good place to start.) Several weeks later when I called to check on the situation, the woman told me that she’d had the conversation with her cat and that the cat had not urinated on her things since.

A horse in Illinois told me that his human companion is “too careful,” that there needs to be “wild abandon” in her life. He said, “She needs to let go. To run barefoot through the fields.” When I asked him if he could help her to let go, he was silent. When I asked again, he said that the woman’s other horse, a mare, would help her. “There is beauty in a grown woman,” he said. “Clean and free.”

The human companion of a horse in Minneapolis called me because her horse was unhappy and not working with his usual enthusiasm. The horse immediately brought my hands to a spot behind his withers and said “I’m tired.” It was clear to me that he was in pain and that the pain was making him tired. While he didn’t say anything else to me during the session, he showed me that his pain was predominantly behind the left side of the withers and that he traveled with his weight shifted to the right to avoid pain. To keep his balance, he then held his neck slightly to the left. He was confused as to why he was being asked to move in this way. I worked with him to help restore balance to his body. The owner reported that after the session he was much happier and much more able to move freely. Several weeks later, she emailed me that she was buying him a new, better-fitting saddle.

Readings are available either in person or from a distance.
(All of the readings above were done from a distance.)

Please Contact Me with any questions you have about my work and how I may be able to assist you.

Note: When your animal is ill or injured, always consult with your veterinarian.

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